How to apply

Current Serving Military Members

To be selected for SAR Tech Training, the applicant must have a minimum of 4 years service (3 years for Combat Arms) and MOS qualified in current trade. SAR TECH training is academically and physically demanding. For this reason, academic strengths in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics would be an asset to training. All applicants will have to pass the SAR TECH Applicant Physical Fitness Test, which can be found at the following link:

SAR Tech Applicant Physical Fitness Selection Test

Although the applicant test is the entrance standard, a better measure of preparedness is the legacy SAR Tech PT test which consists of:

SAR Tech Physical Fitness Test includes:

1.5 Mile run (in gym) in 10:15 or less

31 consecutive push-ups

33 consecutive sit-ups

8 consecutive chin-ups

650 metre shuffle run

2x 6m rope climb

Candidates must complete all portions of this test in 17 minutes or less. They must also complete a 675 metre continuous swim in 20 minutes or less.