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Watch the latest video where Sébastien Prévost, Procurement Director for the Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Aircraft Replacement Project, discusses the complex procurement journey to provide the best equipment for search and rescue technicians, ultimately saving lives.



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“75th Anniversary Book  “That Others May Live 1994-2019″”

In June of 2014, the Para Rescue Associations book committee gathered for their first meeting at Camp Jarvis Lake, AB. Now 5 years later, the finishing touches are underway for the publication of Vol 2, in the expectation that the Para Rescue Assn will continue the series for a Vol 3 in the future.

Volume 2 will mirror the first “50 Years of Para Rescue in Canada” hardcover style with the focus on the last 25 years picking up from where book one left off.

Book specifications: The book is being published in Victoria, BC. and will consist of a Smyth sewn binding. This is a very strong, long-lasting binding, hardcover, library-bound edition of “1994-2019 THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE 25 Years of Para Rescue in Canada,” approximately 600 pages on high-quality paper, fully illustrated with black & white and colour photographs. Red buckram fabric binding is gold foil stamped, with full colour, glossy dust jacket. Bound size: 8.625” x 9.25.”  

Cost – $75.00 Cdn

Our Pledge

‘That Others May Live’

Without regard for my personal comfort or self advancement, to the best of my abilities and the limits of my physical and psychological endurance, I solemnly pledge to make every effort to return to safety, those victims of disaster entrusted to my care by the assignment of the mission to which I have consented.

These things I shall do:

‘That others may live!’


The Search and Rescue Technician (SAR TECH) is part of a group of elite, highly trained rescue specialists who provide on-scene medical aid and extraction from some of the harshest and most remote areas of Canada. They are military aircrew who deploy from rotary or fixed wing aircraft in any environment or climactic condition. They will locate and penetrate the site, and treat and evacuate causalities. SAR operations may require parachuting, mountaineering, hiking, swimming, and scuba diving. Sometimes these operations are conducted in adverse conditions.




Working Conditions

SAR TECHs generally work in teams of two and operate under all Canadian climatic (high altitude and arctic) and terrain (land, sea, air) conditions. On any given day, the SAR TECHs could find themselves 200 miles out to sea, hoisting a casualty off a sailboat, parachuting at night into the high arctic to save a stranded individual, rescuing a fisherman in an overturned fishing boat, clinging perilously close to the edge of a glacial crevasse, or coordinating a mountain rescue of a fallen climber.

75 Years of Para Rescue and over 600 Graduates

Are you interested in becoming one of the elite members of the SAR TECHS? Click here to see our current requirements and other recruitment details. We look forward to hearing from you.

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SAR Tech of the Year Award

Read the latest on our SAR Tech of the year, Sgt Brandon Schetterer, a search and rescue technician (SAR tech) with 17 Wing Winnipeg, Manitoba’s 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron

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